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Welcome to Manual Driving Instructor Barking, a team of fully qualified (ADI) independent driving instructors based in the town of Barking who will teach you how to drive a manual transmission car safely and confidently. Our driving instructors are based near Barking but cover all areas listed on our website.
Learning to drive can be a very liberating experience that we will never forget, and that is why every learner should be seen as an individual and not just a number, as larger driving schools see it. With our driving Instructor , you can be sure that the lessons are tailored to your wishes and that you learn to drive confidently and in a relaxed environment.

Manual Driving Lessons in the Barking


Do you need manual driving lessons in barking? Manual transmission cars have become much less widespread, and sales of manual transmission cars have also fallen in recent years. Many people who passed their test in a manual transmission went on to buy or drive a manual transmission car. If you pass your driving test in a manual transmission version, you are legally entitled to drive an automatic car. However, you must pass your exam in an automatic transmission to be able to drive a manual transmission car. It makes sense to pass your test on a manual only.

It is widely believed that a manual (gearbox) car is much more fun, but once the luster of driving, especially in town and built-up areas, has faded like bark from sheer convenience, many people may switch to a vending machine. Driving with a manual gearbox in heavy traffic and stop-start situations is much more difficult. However, driving with a manual transmission gives you more control over the car and is much more fun. And focus and concentration stay high because it’s more complicated.

If you’ve taken your manual driving test a few times and failed, switch to an automatic (but you’ll need a few more lessons to adjust). If you live in a big city like Bellen and there is always a lot of traffic, consider a car with an automatic transmission.

Manual Driving Lessons

With Manual Driving Lessons Barking More than 80% Success Rate

Topleaner has a manual test pass rate of over 80%. Our manual driving courses at one of our driving schools in Barking, South West Barking, and Surrey guarantee you the best possible chance of passing your driving test with a pass rate that is second to none in barking.

Our manual bark driving courses provide a safe and comfortable experience for the learner driver. We make sure that all bark manual driving lessons are detailed and entertaining. Belling Driving Instructor Manual lessons are always tailored to your driving preferences, skills, and abilities.

Find the best manual bark driving lessons to help you pass your manual bark driving test. You will learn to drive a manual car in no time. This Belling driving instructor and its detailed manual driving courses in Belling and Surrey are the only clear choice when learning to drive a manual car.

All of our detailed manual driving courses are taught by fully qualified driving instructors fully certified by the DVSA (Driving Standards Agency). It guarantees the quality and level of training of our driving instructors.

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What our manual learners get with LDS


  • A brand new manual car for learning to drive.
  • Expert, fully qualified DVSA driving instructors.
  • The first driving lesson was only € 10!
  • Discount on any manual lesson booking of more than 10 hours.
  • Pick up and drop off at a time and place convenient to you.
  • Welcome pack with car insurance and roadside assistance
  • Complete LDS Handbook Syllabus, Driver Training Protocol, and Code of Conduct for Driving Instructors
  • Pass Plus Driving Lessons Support after passing

Have you recently failed your manual driving test and need to schedule another test quickly? LDS can arrange a manual driving test for you and have a vehicle available within 10 days. We have access to late cancellations and last-minute bookings of driving test appointments.


Why choose our driving school?


All our instructors have a minimum rating of 4.5 out of 5 points. Our booking office is open 7 days a week; they can help you with further questions and even find quick driving exams if you are in a hurry to pass quickly!

Topleaner welcomes learners from all walks of life, from those who have just turned 17 and are looking for their first few lessons (and want to take advantage of our newcomer offers, of course) to those on a budget and looking for cheap packages or intensive courses. topleaner offers a range of driving lessons in Barking, including female courses and foreign language courses, as well as both manual and automatic lessons, so you’ll feel confident in any car. Or, if you want to get on the road as soon as possible, we also have intensive courses designed to get you through your practical test with minimum stress. So whatever your reasons for learning, Topleaner Driving School can help you pass your driving test as fast‚ and cheaply‚ as possible.


Barking driving instructors also cover a large area of ​​Surrey. 



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